HAN – Can You Feel The Sun?

The musical project of a young Italian, HAN’s (short for ‘He’s a Nobody’) mission statement is as clear and direct as his music..“I’m a nobody, but my main goal is to let people feel what I feel about myself or the world through the vibes of my songs”. And it’s with that that HAN delivers his energetic and ethereal synth-pop debut track that is sure to wrap you up and have you feeling the sun throughout this summer and beyond.

 Having set out by himself in October 2014 after having previously played in local bands in the ever growing Calabrian music scene, he self-produced and self-recorded Can You Feel The Sun? between his home in Milan and a friends’ recording studio in Reggio Calabria, it was quickly picked up by two local DJ’s resulting in in two infectious remixes of the song.

 “I love big melodies, so I always try to craft some for my music in the same vein as legends like U2, Bowie, Depeche Mode and Radiohead, but also more contemporary acts such as James Blake, Frank Ocean and Bon Iver”. Absolutely huge influences, that HAN strives to match..

Antonio Bacciocchi

Antonio Bacciocchi

Musicista (Chelsea Hotel, Not Moving, Lilith, Link Quartet, Lilith and the Sinnersaints, Tony Face Big Roll Band), produttore musicale (Statuto, Vallanzaska, Assist...) e scrittore (Uscito vivo dagli anni '80, Mod Generations, Le storie dal rock piacentino, The bluesologist, The original rude boy, Rock and goal, Paul Weller L'uomo cangiante). Collabora con Radiocoop dal 2003.

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