OPUS 3000 – Benevolence I

W&P by Francesco Leali, Alessandro Branca

Strings performed by Alessandro Branca

director Vittorio Bonaffini

publishing METATRON SRL


Benevolence is an exercise in imperfection and introspection. Gloria Campaner’s piano and Alessandro Branca’s cello converge at the finger tips of Francesco Leali’s emotive yet asperous electronics. Recorded throughout 2017 in Milan, the Italian trio’s debut LP highlights rough-hewn textures and pairs delicate keys to dystopian environments. Long, single takes of acoustic instruments are woven into fine manipulated arrangements. Crystalline and contrasted – Benevolence inhabits an environment of its own.

Born out of the necessity to blend passion for traditional music to an alternative production method. The project does so through each member’s adroitness – from layers of delicate and classically oriented combinations to raw forms of production which hastily transport you to dystopia. A project that largely relies on classical training, heterogenic minds that come together thanks to the common denominator of experimenting and mutual curiosity which moves the group’s components. A challenge between time and silence – A cosmic exploration between sound and figure, heaving from the soft strokes of piano and cello to a belligerent technological approach.

Vedrà la luce per INRI Classic il prossimo 24 novembre Benevolence, il primo album del progetto Opus 3000, dietro al quale si nascondono i nomi e i talenti della pianista Gloria Campaner, del produttore e percussionista Francesco Leali e del violoncellista e bassista Alessandro Branca.

Antonio Bacciocchi

Antonio Bacciocchi

Musicista (Chelsea Hotel, Not Moving, Lilith, Link Quartet, Lilith and the Sinnersaints, Tony Face Big Roll Band), produttore musicale (Statuto, Vallanzaska, Assist...) e scrittore (Uscito vivo dagli anni '80, Mod Generations, Le storie dal rock piacentino, The bluesologist, The original rude boy, Rock and goal, Paul Weller L'uomo cangiante). Collabora con Radiocoop dal 2003.

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