DIFFUSORI & CONDOMINI – Sotto l’albero niente (The Pedale Baroque Christmas single 2019)

Side A of the Pedale Baroque Christmas single 2019. In spite of the tragical events, even this year we’re gonna have it.

This is a nice and funny collaboration between two artists: “Filo e i suoi diffusori” (without Filo) and “Sigismondo Paletta e i suoi condomini” (without Sigismondo), two bands making somehow hilarious music in their respective careers. This time it’s different. Whilst the music is nice and funny, the lyrics are quite serious, since they are about “the new poors”, that’s the people that “all of a sudden” lose their job because of the big economy’s crisis and become homeless. No money, no family, no home, they become “transparent” to the world. Useless to not say the worst. And Christmas is the worst moment for them. So, this year, be kind to everyone of them. One day (hopefully never) you can become one.

CREDITS: featuring Checco “Ted Nylon” Garbari on lead and backing vocals.

Antonio Bacciocchi

Antonio Bacciocchi

Musicista (Chelsea Hotel, Not Moving, Lilith, Link Quartet, Lilith and the Sinnersaints, Tony Face Big Roll Band), produttore musicale (Statuto, Vallanzaska, Assist...) e scrittore (Uscito vivo dagli anni '80, Mod Generations, Le storie dal rock piacentino, The bluesologist, The original rude boy, Rock and goal, Paul Weller L'uomo cangiante). Collabora con Radiocoop dal 2003.

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