In anticipation of the release of new album “JazzMamba” scheduled to hit stores on October 7th, nu jazz / bossanova outfit Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra launch Easy Living” feat. Robert Passera, the second single to be extracted from the upcoming full-length. The track is a powerful mix of sounds from the 60s, upbeat, danceable and infectious, making it impossible not to tap your foot while you listen to it.
Robert Passera adds a ye ye touch and a soulful r’n’b arrangement, reminiscent of Montefiori Cocktail or Pizzicato Five, while assembling voices, sounds and beat in the style of Skeewiff. The result is a special brew of bossa grooves, jazzy vocals and that ’60s-’70s lounge and soundtrack flavor, with excellent classy musicians blending Brazilian music, Italian-styled grooves and jazz dance. The single is released via digital download on September 26th.


Antonio Bacciocchi

Antonio Bacciocchi

Musicista (Chelsea Hotel, Not Moving, Lilith, Link Quartet, Lilith and the Sinnersaints, Tony Face Big Roll Band), produttore musicale (Statuto, Vallanzaska, Assist...) e scrittore (Uscito vivo dagli anni '80, Mod Generations, Le storie dal rock piacentino, The bluesologist, The original rude boy, Rock and goal, Paul Weller L'uomo cangiante). Collabora con Radiocoop dal 2003.

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