COILGUNS – We Missed The Parade

Following the release of a collaborative EP with Birds in Row earlier this year, the release of their single “Venetian Blinds” in March and the UK tour with Pupil Slicer, COILGUNS have come up with a classic hardcore punk anthem that should delight fans of Converge, Birds in Row, Touché Amoré, The Bronx or At The Drive-In.
“We Missed The Parade” was written, arranged and produced by Coilguns, recorded by Scott Evans at Ocean Sounds, Giske (Norway), mixed by Tom Dalgety and mastered by Robin Schmidt. 

“When we recorded that song we thought it would be more of a b-side. With its somehow classic punk-hardcore feeling, it felt like it might belong to an old Coilguns era. Through the process of mixing, the track grew on everyone and felt more and more like an anthem, specifically one of our very own life. Substantially the track talks about the fact that we’re getting older, still doing the same thing, not being sure why we still do it but nonethless we’ll keep on doing it, and we’ll keep doing it our own way, on our own. ” 

About the video:“This was shot during our UK tour last April and perfectly captures theenergy of that song. One of our crew members, Zach, who normally serves as a stage technician, found himself without space onstage due to the intimate size of the venues. As a result, he took charge ofthe camera, filming this song each night and editing it into the clip you see here. I love the fact that this happened spontaneously, and that we now find ourselves with a homemade video for this track.” Jonathan Nido (Guitarist and founder of Coilguns).Credits (Musicians) for the single

Kevin Galland – Bass, Backing Vocals • Luc Hess – Drums, Percussion • Louis Jucker – Main Vocals, Additional Guitars • Jonathan Nido – Guitars, Backing Vocals

—————-Full band biography available in the press kit (private dropbox link above):

, from La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, have released three studio albums (Commuters (2013), Millenials (2018), “Watchwinders” (2019)), singles & EPs critically acclaimed in Europe and across the Atlantic. The noise punk band has performed crowd-destroying sets at Hellfest Festival, Paléo, Roadburn, Motocultor, Greenfield or Soulcrusher Festival. 

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