Les Jeux Sont Funk – Spike Lee | Digital Single
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Release Date:

Controlled Composition: AFA Publishing

Musical Style: Funk, Cinematic

Musical Influences: D’Angelo, Headhunters, Roy Ayers

Musical Inspiration: 

Artist Statement: In our band there are several vinyl collectors and three of us are also DJs, which means that we always keep an eye on new funk and soul releases on vinyl. The music label on the latest New Mastersounds’s album, “Shake It”, was unknown to us. This led us to do some investigation to find more about Color Red. Among the label roster, besides TNM, we immediately recognized other acts, such as Freekbass and Death By Dub. In the process, we discovered a cornucopia of new artists. We liked everything that we were seeing and hearing: the design, the communication style and, of course, the music. As soon as we found out that the label was based in Denver, we were even more intrigued, since we also live in an area that is surrounded by mountains. We felt there was a good fit between LJSF and CRED and we are glad that this initial sensation has led to an actual collaboration!

Track Description: Les Jeux Sont Funk’s “Spike Lee” is a cinematic trip as uncompromising and creative as the director himself. Hailing from Trento, Italy, the group recorded the track in a baita, a traditional cabin in the Italian Alps owned by the family of their drummer Stefano’s for many generations. Despite scenic overlooks of green pastures and mountain tops that surrounded the recording session, their minds were wandering across the Atlantic Ocean and onto a Spike Lee set in Brooklyn. The band recalls watching Spike Lee films since they were kids. Although they may not have understood nuances in their corner of the world, they appreciated the director’s sharp and colorful point of view. Fast forward to 2021 amidst an uprising on a quest for social and racial justice and that energy more is gripping and electrifying than ever. With a funky bassline as its core, the composition process was additive which each part supplementing the next. A complementary drum groove takes heed of D’Angelo’s “Voodoo” with clavinet, horns, and guitar folded in. The evolving form gives the track an invigorating pace as the verse, bridge, chorus structure is repeated twice, but never in the same way. As vinyl collectors and DJs, members of Les Jeux Sont Funk are always keeping their eyes out for new funk and soul release on vinyl and Color Red caught their eyes as the label behind The New Mastersounds’ latest studio effort ‘Shake It.’ After digging around the roster, the band found other familiar faces such as Freekbass, Death by Dub, and went on to discover a cornucopia of new artists. This ripple effect of piquing curiosity followed by collaboration is a driver of Color Red’s mission to release music from artists from all over the globe and expand their progressive musical network.

Produced by Carlo Nardi, Michele Bazzanella

Michele Bazzanella – Bass Guitar (Electric), Samples & Effects, Percussion Instruments
Stefano Malchiodi – Drums
Carlo Nardi – Guitar (Electric), Keyboards, Percussion Instruments, Tenor Saxophone
Emiliano Tamanini – Trumpet
Lorenzo Sighel – Alto Saxophone
Marco Pisoni – Baritone Saxophone
Maurizio Brugnara – Acoustic Piano
Tracking Engineer – Carlo Nardi, Michele Bazzanella

Mixing Engineer – Carlo Nardi

Mastering Engineer – Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

Antonio Bacciocchi

Scrittore, musicista, blogger. Ha militato come batterista in una ventina di gruppi (tra cui Not Moving, Link Quartet, Lilith), incidendo una cinquantina di dischi e suonando in tutta Italia, Europa e USA e aprendo per Clash, Iggy and the Stooges, Johnny Thunders, Manu Chao etc. Ha scritto una decina di libri tra cui "Uscito vivo dagli anni 80", "Mod Generations", "Paul Weller, L’uomo cangiante", "Rock n Goal", "Rock n Spor"t, Gil Scott-Heron Il Bob Dylan Nero" e "Ray Charles- Il genio senza tempo". Collabora con i mensili “Classic Rock”, "Vinile" e i quotidiani “Il Manifesto” e “Libertà”. E' tra i giurati del Premio Tenco e del Rockol Awards. Da sedici anni aggiorna quotidianamente il suo blog www.tonyface.blogspot.it dove parla di musica, cinema, culture varie, sport e con cui ha vinto il Premio Mei Musicletter del 2016 come miglior blog italiano. Collabora con Radiocoop dal 2003.

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