Vittorio – Bass |

Guido – Voice |

Manfro – Drum |

Adolfo – Guitar

Formed in 2014, First Brawl is an hardcore band born between Modena/Bologna with members of others & old good hardcore punk band from Italy: Guido, Vittorio, Riccardo and Nico. In these two years the band playing around Italy, recorded a DIY promo and first full length entitled “Full of nothing”, published by Indelirium Records.

In late 2015 Nico and Riccardo left the band due to personal problems and First Brawl replaced them with Adolfo and Manfro. After line-up change First Brawl restart to strike again, with many shows everywhere and always with the same state of mind in true hardcore music spirit. The band’s sound is a mix of old&new school hardcore, inspired by: Terror, Sick of It all, No Turning Back, Backfire!, Madball and To Kill.

Antonio Bacciocchi

Antonio Bacciocchi

Musicista (Chelsea Hotel, Not Moving, Lilith, Link Quartet, Lilith and the Sinnersaints, Tony Face Big Roll Band), produttore musicale (Statuto, Vallanzaska, Assist...) e scrittore (Uscito vivo dagli anni '80, Mod Generations, Le storie dal rock piacentino, The bluesologist, The original rude boy, Rock and goal, Paul Weller L'uomo cangiante). Collabora con Radiocoop dal 2003.

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